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I am a Professor of Reproductive Medicine in the University of Southampton. I am an expert in Fertility Medicine and Surgery. I practice in the United Kingdom, and regularly see private as well as NHS patients.


I have been teaching undergraduate and post graduate students in medicine and other related biological sciences for many years.


I lecture around the world on topics related to Reproductive Medicine and my research. 

My passion is enterprise and innovation. Over the last 10 years, I have worked with numerous talented individuals and have developed Complete Fertility, which is now part of Virtus Health group. Developing the fertility centre has been a journey and a privilege with the  satisfaction of now seeing it flourish and continue to go from strength to strength. 



In parallel, I am fascinated by the advances in engineering and computer science, and how such developments can propel Reproductive Medicine to a new paradigm.

Again, working with a wonderful group of people over the last 10 years, we have developed Vivoplex Medical. At Vivoplex, the team is busy developing the next generation of biosensors to evaluate the 'black box' of the womb. Even though this was where we all began our lives, doctors and scientists are still baffled by the secrets of this enigmatic organ. It is my vision and hope  the devices we develop will help monitor and diagnose reproductive pathologies much more effectively and thereby enable us to offer the best treatment options to our patients. The technology we develop will also be easily transferable to other fields of medicine.


Some lectures I will be speaking at this year:



Fertility 2019: Freeze all strategy for all? Are we running before we can walk?

16:25-17:55 Update session

January 3,2019; Birmingham


The theme for the joint annual conference is “Technologies and controversies in reproduction” featuring an exciting, cutting edge programme of high profile, scientific international and UK speakers.

 III. International EXPERMED Congress: Recurrent Implantation Failure: What does it mean and why does it happen?

11-14 April, 2019; Cyprus

As the world of reproductive medicine has been evolving very rapidly, EXPERMED Congress Series aim to gather key opinion leaders and experts in the field of human reproduction and assisted reproductive technologies in order to discuss the current knowledge, practice and emerging technologies which are now shaping the future of personalized reproductive medicine.

 Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society Annual Meeting: Uterus, the neglected incubator

19-21 September, 2019; Ottawa, Canada

Annual Conference IVIRMA Fertility Clinic speaking on

The uterus as the neglected incubator - the importance of physical-chemical factors in implantation

15 Nov, 2019; Abu Dhabi, UAE

ESHRE Campus

The impact of physical and chemical factors on human     embryo culture

14:00-14:25; April 4, 2019; Salzburg


A comprehensive review of those factors which affect embryo development in culture, and the new methodologies for embryo culture.

 ASPIRE - The 9th Congress of Asian Pacific Initiative on reproduction

Fertility Sparing Surgery

2-5 May, 2019; Hong Kong

A Campus course on the genomic basis of embryo selection with an emphasis on embryo viability and the prevention of genetic disease.

13th Sofia Symposium of Reproductive Health

11-13 October, 2019; Sofia, Bulgaria


Fertility Sparing during Gynaecological Surgery

May 3-6, 2019; Hong Kong


This annual conference of the Asia Pacific Initiatives of Reproduction promises an exciting program from a panel of outstanding speakers in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a unique mixture of rich Chinese culture and substantial western influence.

 ESHRE Campus

Genomics and embryo selection in assisted reproduction: Genetic markers involved in implantation

11-12 September, 2019; Athens

A Campus course on the genomic basis of embryo selection with an emphasis on embryo viability and the prevention of genetic disease.

The ESHRE Guideline on Ovarian Stimulation: Do we have agreement? Speaking on: High Responder, is it good, is it bad? &

The supported Luteal Phase in the stimulated cycle: what is the state of the ART?

31-01 November 2019; Barcelona, Spain

A detailed look at the new ESHRE guidelines on ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI, with an emphasis on predicted poor and high reponders.

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Professor of Reproductive Medicine

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